Absolute contraindications
and relative for the treatment
cortical with MeRT℠

Absolute contraindications for cortical treatment with MeRT℠:

Vagal nerve stimulator
VP Shunt / Magnetic Intracranial Shunts
Deep brain stimulator
Epidural cortical stimulator Steel leads / stents
Fragments of cranial metal (i.e. shrapnel, except titanium)
Cochlear implant
Aneurysm clamps, coils, flow bypass pipes
Pregnant or breastfeeding.
Primary brain cancer / metastatic lesions in the brain (with the exception of palliative care)
Magnetic dental implants
Implanted Cardiovascular Defibrillators (ICD)
Eye implants

Relative contraindications (which require more attention to the protocol, but do not disqualify someone from receiving cortical treatment with MeRT℠):

History of seizures or seizure disorders
Titanium leads / stents
Spinal cord stimulator
Assisted Hearing Equipment
Ferrous Cortical Implants
Magnetic ink tattoo
Bipolar Disorder Type I / II
Baha Implant

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