Actual Results

Patients tell us about their experience with MeRT℠ therapy

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Shayra shares her experience with MeRT℠

The youngest of her two children was diagnosed with Moderate to Severe Autism which led her to visit the Brain Treatment Center.

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Juan Ángel's mother shares her story

"After therapy, listening to my son say" Mom "was the greatest thing that ever happened to me."

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Joaquin's parents share his story

"Our son arrived at the Brain Treatment Center without saying a word, and after the treatment he started talking."

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Lorenzo's parents tell us their story

After receiving very little hope and empathy from a neuropediatra, they decided to try BTC and MeRT℠ therapy.

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Rafael's parents share his story

They came to visit us from Colombia seeking to help their son, a young child with a serious case of autism.

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Ali's mother shares her story

He told us a little about the big changes in his son's behavior after the first week of treatment.

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Bryan's mother shares her story

In Uruguay she felt that her son was not making any progress with his asperger, so he visited us.

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Henry's parents share his story

This Panamanian couple found hope in the MeRT after their son received a diagnosis of autism.

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Miriam tells the story of how MeRT℠ therapy changed the life of her daughter Raquel, a girl with a case of severe Autism.

Recording of the transmission of The Doctors program in the United States.