Firsthand experiences, from real people.

Here is a small collection of videos of some of our patients sharing their insight regarding their experience working with Brain Treatment Center  and the impact that MeRT have had in their specific cases.

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Daniel´s Mother Shares Her Story with MeRT
Patricia first started seeing symptoms when her son was 13 months old, and he was eventually diagnosed with autism at 17 months old.

Rafael´s Parents Share Their Story
They came to visit us all the way from Colombia looking to help their child, a little boy with a severe case of autism.

Ali´s Mother Share Her Story
She tell us a little bit about the big changes on her sons behaviour after the first week of treatment.

Bryan´s Mother Share Her Story
In Uruguay she felt her son was not making any progress with her aspergers, so she visited us.

Henry´s Parents Share Their Story
This panamanian couple found hope in MeRT after their son received an autism diagnosis

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